TWAS-Abdool Karim Award in Biological Sciences 2024 (up to $5,000)


Application Deadline: May 10, 2024

TWAS-Abdool Karim Award in Biological Sciences 2024 (up to $5,000)
TWAS-Abdool Karim Award in Biological Sciences 2024 (up to $5,000)

Applications for the TWAS-Abdool Karim Award in Biological Sciences 2024 are open now.

This prize, which bears the name of TWAS President Professor Quarraisha Abdool Karim, is intended to recognize the accomplishments of female scientists in Least Developed African nations in the field of Biological Sciences.

It comes with a USD 5,000 cash prize, kindly given by Professor Abdool Karim.

TWAS-Abdool Karim Award in Biological Sciences 2024 (up to $5,000)

All of TWAS’s members, as well as universities, scientific institutes in both developed and developing nations, national research councils, and science academies, are encouraged to submit suggestions for the 2024 Award.

Award for TWAS-Abdool Karim Award in Biological Sciences 2024

  • Professor Abdool Karim has graciously offered a $5,000 USD cash award.

Eligibility Criteria for TWAS-Abdool Karim Award in Biological Sciences 2024

  • The prize honors female scientists for their contributions to the biological sciences.
  • Female scientists who are citizens of a Least Developed African nation and have lived and worked there for at least two years previous to their nomination are eligible to be nominated for the 2024 prize. (that is, starting on January 02, 2022).
  • TWAS fellows are not qualified.
  • Nominations from the jury members or from themselves will not be taken into consideration.

In a given year, a nominee is not permitted to submit more than one “Fellows of TWAS Awards” nomination.

The nominators themselves will ultimately decide whether or not to move the nomination.

However, the secretariat reserves the right to alert the pertinent nominators to the possibility that the nomination may be better suited for another prize.

Nomination for TWAS-Abdool Karim Award in Biological Sciences 2024

After the candidates have undergone a pre-screening process at TWAS, the jury members will review the nomination dossiers of the eligible candidates. Based on this evaluation Prof. Quarraisha Abdool Karim will decide the winner.

How to Nominate A Scientist for TWAS-Abdool Karim Award in Biological Sciences 2024

The “NEW NOMINATION” button at the bottom of this page is the sole way to electronically submit a nomination for 2024 through the online platform. The “RESUME” button at the bottom of this page can be clicked to continue working on saved nominations.

The extended deadline for nominations is May 10, 2024; nevertheless, in order to allow us to process your nomination as soon as possible, we strongly advise you to submit it earlier rather than waiting until the deadline.

Before beginning the nomination compilation process, PLEASE PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE MAXIMUM CHARACTERS ALLOWED.

Only when a nomination contains all of the following data or supporting materials is it deemed complete:

  • Contact information for the nominator; Nominee contact information (self-nominations and jury member nominations are not allowed)
  • General information about the nominee, including her country of employment and residence during the previous two years.
  • Permission from the nominee, or candidate, to use her personal information for the nomination procedure by Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003. Only the online platform may be used to submit this authorization.
  • You can download the privacy authorization form under the “nominee’s personal data” section. The candidate must complete and sign the form before uploading it to the online platform.
  • Recommended Citation: A 15–20 word summary of the nominee’s accomplishments in the biological sciences.
  • Declaration in support of the nominee’s achievements in the biological sciences. The candidate’s work should be thoroughly explained in the supporting statements, along with its importance within the pertinent scientific framework.
  • The nominee’s work’s scientific impact should be mentioned explicitly. Insufficient justifications will not be taken into account and will have a detrimental impact on the assessment.
  • Thorough report of any time the nominee has spent overseas during the last two years.
  • PhD: details on the field, year, and university that awards the degree.
  • A succinct description of academy and society membership.
  • A synopsis of the honors and awards obtained.
  • 10 most important articles enumerated in a format that is widely accepted.
  • The online platform requires the nominee to provide her full list of publications as well as a brief curriculum vitae separately.
  • The nominee’s Google Scholar h-index and the corresponding amounts of citations.

NOTE: Please check if the date you entered are valid. Listed below are the data you should look out for:

  • Keep in mind the specifications for each field when you fill out the form (e.g. maximum amounts of characters, file type, date format, etc.).
  • Use the form menu button to run a check to make sure all required fields have been filled in and the data you submitted are valid.
  • Your form is saved as well. You are directed to the “Submit” area of the form, which is the final section, each time you run a check.  further more, to access the earlier sections, use the form’s menu.
  • Fields that contain NOT ACCEPTED or MISSING DATA will be shown in red once you conduct a check. Please be aware that the red highlight will remain in place until you do another check after you have appropriately changed the content of one or more fields.

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For more information, visit TWAS-Abdool Karim Award.


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