Elisabeth & Amelie Fund- Access to Water- 2024 


Are you interested in contributing to the cause of providing access to clean water? The Elisabeth & Amelie Fund is currently accepting project proposals for their Access to Water initiative in 2024. The fund is offering up to 50,000 Euros to support selected projects that aim to improve access to water in underserved communities. The deadline for submitting project proposals is March 25, 2024. This is a great opportunity for individuals and organizations to make a positive impact on the lives of people who lack access to clean water.

Elisabeth & Amelie Fund- Access to Water- 2024 

What is it About

To assist Belgian organizations working to increase water access in the South by funding their projects.

Water is a vital component of growth. It is needed for drinking, personal cleanliness, and other household needs, as well as for the maternity hospital, school restrooms, market gardens, irrigation, and transportation around the community. An annual call for projects is issued in February or March

Offering mobility scholarships to South American students studying in Belgium so they can complete their final coursework on a topic linked to water access in South American countries. Each year, between August and September, a call for proposals is released.

Call for Projects: Elisabeth & Amelie Fund- Access to Water- 2024 (up to 50,000 Euros)

The Elisabeth and Amélie Fund provides funding for projects carried out by Belgian groups operating in Asia, Latin America, and Africa that collaborate with regional partners to increase sustainable water access.

The Elisabeth & Amélie Fund will prioritize school sanitation initiatives that incorporate hygiene education in their 2024 request for projects.

To draw and retain more students, particularly female students, to school, it is imperative to establish and maintain water access and sanitation infrastructure.

The initiatives that are presented in response to this call for proposals will prioritize water and sanitation in order to enhance the educational environment. Raising awareness of water, hygiene, and the environment among educators, students, and their parents will go hand in hand with this.

Every project should contain the following components:

  • Latrines: construct ecological systems for basic sanitation if possible.
  • Hand hygiene: having access to water for washing hands or finding creative substitutes.
  • Recovery and purification of ecological toilet waste.
  • Spreading knowledge about the environment, water, and cleanliness; also, educating people about the need to manage shared property (such as restrooms) to maintain it throughout time.

Grant for Elisabeth & Amelie Fund- Access to Water- 2024  

  • There will be a grant of up to 50,000 euros.

Eligibility for Elisabeth & Amelie Fund- Access to Water- 2024

  • All Belgian organizations that collaborate with regional partners and include them at each stage of the project are welcome to apply.

Applications for Elisabeth & Amelie Fund- Access to Water- 2024

  • Verify if you qualify for this project call.
  • If this is your first application, create an account by going to https://candidate.kbs-frb.be/en and connecting to your account.
  • Fill out the online application (you can take your time and finish it in phases if you’d like).
  • Send in your completed application once it is complete.
  • We will email you a confirmation as well as a copy of your application in PDF format.

For more information, visit Elisabeth & Amelie Fund – Access to Water

Application Deadline: March 25, 2024


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