STARTS4AFRICA Artist Residency – Nigeria 2024 (up to 35,000 Euros)


Application Deadline: February 18, 2024

The STARTS4AFRICA Artist Residency program
The STARTS4AFRICA Artist Residency program

Hello! The STARTS4AFRICA Artist Residency program in Nigeria for 2024 is a great opportunity for artists who want to explore and create in a new environment. Through 6 months of residencies, START4AFRICA will enhance art-driven innovation in Nigeria.

STARTS4AFRICA Artist Residency – Nigeria 2024 (up to 35,000 Euros)

Through this innovative project, artists will be able to explore issues related to food and water, speculative urbanism, wearable technology, and smart fabrics, culture and coding, immersive storytelling, rethinking sustainable construction, and digital mapping and speculative landscapes.

Benefits of STARTS4AFRICA Artist Residency – Nigeria 2024

  • Up to EUR 35,000 budget for artists residencies to cover the artist fee, the organization and participation at artistic exhibitions/events, and other relevant costs to ensure the successful implementation of the project (including, but not restricted to, the creation of prototypes and artwork).
  • The Residency Host Institution’s resources and facilities; the Local Expert Group’s assistance.
  • Involvement in a tailored mentoring program, which includes sessions about tech and science as well as business.
  • Access to the S+T+ARTS network across Europe.
  • Involvement in the online and in-person S+T+ARTS4AFRICA Community activities.
  • The outcomes of the residencies at the Ars Electronica Festival in September 2024 in Linz and/or other festivals and venues upon selection will be showcased in exhibitions. Additionally, visibility will be achieved through high-impact communication activities that promote the artistic output and its innovative spillovers.

Eligibility Criteria for STARTS4AFRICA Artist Residency – Nigeria 2024

STARTS4AFRICA is seeking submissions from seasoned artists, either individually or as a collective:

  • Citizens of any nation in Sub-Saharan Africa or permanent residents of any of the nations covered by STARTS4AFRICA (DR Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Tanzania); OR, creative groups that combine musicians from Europe and Sub-Saharan African nations

Expected Outcomes from STARTS4AFRICA Artist Residency – Nigeria 2024

  • Creating a work of art or a functional or speculative artistic prototype as a concrete, presentable, and art-driven innovation output that addresses a local issue.
  • Supplying (at the start of the residence) a development plan outlining the goals, steps, schedule, and setup required for putting the art-driven innovation output into practice, as well as a descriptive abstract of it.
  • Taking part in and planning local, regional, and national masterclasses, seminars, and events both online and offline to (i) exchange experiences from the STARTS4AFRICA Residency program; and (ii) make sure that the residency outcomes are promoted. At least six local, national, and international events (which will be discussed, decided upon, and co-organized with the residency host institutions) must be attended, either in person or virtually.
  • Engage in active participation in the residency’s marketing and communication initiatives by posting on social media, writing articles for websites like starts. eu, and taking part in written, audio, and video interviews. You can also contribute to the Impact Assessment Analysis that the STARTS4AFRICA Consortium and the residency host institutions are doing.

Applications for STARTS4AFRICA Artist Residency – Nigeria 2024

Submissions for the STARTS4AFRICA Residencies Program have to be made online using the Online Form that can be found here on Jotform. What is included on the application form is:

  • Online form: declarations, administrative data, etc.; available here.
  • Creative Concept (download this template file, then upload it to the online form).
  • Your portfolio should be entered into the online form, as should your curriculum vitae.
  • To ensure that you properly address the call requirements, please carefully read the Guide for Applicants, the description of the challenge(s) you have chosen, and the instructions provided in the Online Form and Artistic Proposal Template.

For more information, visit STARTS4AFRICA Artist Residency.


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