Doc Society Climate Story Fund 2024 (up to $150,000)


Application Deadline: February 7, 2024


Doc Society Climate Story Fund is now open
Doc Society Climate Story Fund is now open

Applications for the Doc Society Climate Story Fund 2024 are open now. Are you interested in creating a compelling nonfiction project about climate change? If so, the Doc Society Climate Story Fund 2024 may be of interest to you. This fund is offering grants of up to $150,000 to support the completion of nonfiction projects and impact pilots for completed nonfiction and fiction projects. The fund aims to support storytelling and impact strategies that can help audiences visualize a just transition and inspire them to make it a reality. Keep reading to learn more about eligibility and how to apply.

Doc Society Climate Story Fund 2024 (up to $150,000)

The Doc Society climate story fund is seeking to support compelling storytelling and impact strategies from around the world that can help audiences envision the just transition and activate them to make these visions a reality.

They will prioritize applicants that creatively explore how communities today are experimenting with new pathways for a more safe and just future for all; how responsive governments and civil society are counteracting the efforts of a fossil fuel industry determined to slow down the radical transformation of our livelihoods; and how leaders are steadfastly navigating complexity as they remain committed to repairing past harms.

They are eager for stories that showcase how climate action can lead to abundance. How systems are being redesigned to be more Inclusive, creating more opportunities without leaving anyone behind. Not stories that are overloaded with technical language and facts. Rather stories that deeply resonate with a universal love for place, love for community, and love for future generations.

Benefits of Doc Society Climate Story Fund 2024

The Doc Society climate story fund provides up to $150,000 in grants to support the completion of the production of creative nonfiction projects and for impact pilots for completed creative nonfiction and fiction projects.

Eligibility Criteria for Doc Society Climate Story Fund 2024

  • The fund is open worldwide and they look forward to receiving applications from across the globe.
  • You can apply if you have received funding from Doc Society before.

Application for Doc Society Climate Story Fund 2024

The Call for applications closes at 11:59 PM PST on February 7, 2024.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I apply with a project that I have previously submitted to the Climate Story Fund?

Certainly! We may not have given funds in the past for several reasons, including how near the project was to completion at the time. Since we do not support development or pre-production with this fund, we would advise you to review our previously supported projects to make sure your concept is appropriate for this kind of fund and that your timing is appropriate.

What categories of media is this fund covering?

Within a year of receiving the grant, we are seeking creative nonfiction projects that can wrap up production with funding from the Climate Story Fund. Podcasts, radio documentaries, and long-form, short-form, or episodic documentaries can all fall under this category. The Fund is also open to proposals from finished fiction and nonfiction projects in any media that aim to launch an impact pilot within a year of receiving the grant to reach audiences that are not usually involved in the climate discourse.

My story has climate-themed elements but isn’t strictly about climate issues. Can I still apply?

Sure, but you’ll have to show that you plan to use your impact pilot to talk about climate-related topics.

Can I submit a speculative application for a project that hasn’t yet been made

No, the funds focus is on projects that are nearly finished in 2024 and are now in production.

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For more information, visit Doc Society Climate Story Fund.


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