RSTMH Early Career Grants Program 2024 (up to 5,000 Euros)


Applications for the RSTMH Early Career Grants Program 2024 are open now.

RSTMH Early Career Grants Program 2024 (up to 5,000 Euros)

The RSTMH Early Career Grants Programme provides funding annually to persons from all around the world who are just beginning their careers to carry out their first research project in tropical medicine or global health.

Whether as standalone projects or as distinct parts of larger ones, the financing is meant to assist clinical or scientific research and/or fieldwork by early career researchers and global health professionals working in the fields of tropical medicine and global health.

Our awards program has grown significantly over its more than 40 years of existence. We have awarded over 800 prizes in 66 countries since 2017.

RSTMH Early Career Grants Program 2024 (up to 5,000 Euros)

Grant for RSTMH Early Career Grants Program 2024

  • The maximum award for an RSTMH Early Career Grant is £5,000, which includes any applicable taxes on purchases.

Eligibility Criteria for RSTMH Early Career Grants Program 2024

  • Applicants for Early Career Grants must not have previously earned a research grant in their name totaling £5,000 or more. They may work for any company and have their headquarters in any nation.
  • Although RSTMH acknowledges that some more seasoned professionals may be new to research and will still be eligible to apply for a grant, it anticipates that the majority of applicants will be in the early stages of their careers.
  • Members and non-members may apply for an RSTMH Early Career Grant; if approved, grantees will become members of the organization (until the deadline for submitting their research report) to ensure they may benefit from all RSTMH membership perks.

Application Requirements for RSTMH Early Career Grants Program 2024

Any nationality and any place of residence are acceptable for applicants for an Early Career Grant.

Candidates must fulfill the requirements listed below:

  • Not previously gotten research money in their name totaling £5,000 or more.
  • Possess a well-defined research project that is looking for financing.
  • be related to or employed by a business, yet entries from individuals without these ties will still be taken into account. Before moving to another institution, recipients of awards are required to obtain written consent from RSTMH; however, there may be certain exceptions to this policy.
  • Possess access to sufficient supervision, and their supervisor will stay with them throughout the project.
  • Possess the necessary insurance to conduct the research
  • Keep a registered bank account that accepts GBP. It should be noted that one of the award’s stipulations is that grant money be deposited into the recipient’s personal bank account as opposed to an organization account. Do let us know if this causes you any trouble.
    never received an RSTMH award prior.
  • Have only ever submitted one RSTMH grant application annually
  • Be not a global assessor for RSTMH in the same year.
  • Not be a designated supervisor or referee on an RSTMH grant application in the same year.
  • Don’t seek funds for a project that is underway or completed already.
  • It is recommended that applicants include costs that would increase diversity, inclusivity, and community participation.


Before starting your application, ensure that you have read the:

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and conditions

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