DOT Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board 2024


The DOT Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board gives young people in the DOT network the ability to directly influence the organization’s current and future projects. The GYLAB is concentrated on offering strategic counsel and direction, participating in cooperative design for significant results, and speaking for young people in the local communities where DOT works in the Middle East, Africa, and the UK.

DOT Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board 2024

The GYLAB seeks to improve current and future DOT programs by providing different youth viewpoints, strategic direction, and tangible feedback derived from local youth experiences, all while maintaining a pan-African identity and a global vision. Making a significant difference in the lives of millions of young people worldwide is the ultimate objective.

DOT is a firm believer in the potential of children, and the GYLAB is just one of the creative strategies the organization uses to consistently empower youngsters worldwide. By including young people in decision-making processes, DOT hopes to actively promote the initiatives of young people while also amplifying their views. Furthermore, by active participation in high-level discussions with senior board officials from the organization, the GYLAB offers young people the chance to grow as leaders and broaden their networks.

Purpose of DOT Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board (GYLAB) 2024

  • To actively engage in co-designing DOT’s current and upcoming programs through peer collaboration, to direct DOT’s endeavors toward greater program relevance and worldwide impact.
  • To strengthen the impact for women and kids, the main beneficiaries of DOT’s programs, by providing their opinions and input on DOT programming, especially at the national and local levels.
  • To act as a conduit between the young and the leadership of DOT, offering strategic advice and direction to bring organizational strategies into line with the viewpoints of the youth.
  • To function as DOT Ambassadors by actively interacting with peers, supporting DOT programs, enhancing DOT’s purpose, and obtaining more support and involvement via digital channels.

Ten incredibly gifted people from ten DOT nations—Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Côte D’Ivoire, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, Jordan, and Lebanon—will make up the GYLAB. The GYLAB members collectively provide a variety of knowledge to the effort, representing various experiences in ICT and digital skilling, social entrepreneurship, program creation and implementation, AI, youth leadership and empowerment, as well as community development.

Eligibility Criteria for DOT Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board (GYLAB) 2024

Applicants who want to be considered for GYLAB must fulfill the following requirements while submitting their application:

  • The age range for candidates must be between 25 and 35.
  • Hold citizenship in one of the following nations: Jordan, Malawi, Zambia, Côte D’Ivoire, Kenya, Ethiopia, or the United Kingdom.
  • Show your dedication to the DOT’s mission and vision.
  • Show expertise in ICT and technology, business and entrepreneurship, youth development and leadership, and social entrepreneurship.
  • Experience in delivering social impact and digital empowerment with a background in social entrepreneurship, innovation, and digital business.
  • Prior involvement as #DOTYouth and in-depth knowledge of DOT initiatives, particularly those related to their home nations.
  • Able to dedicate a minimum of seven hours every month.
  • Able to participate electronically in activities, events, and meetings.
  • Proficiency in the language of English.
  • Strong presenting and public speaking abilities.
  • Excellent knowledge of and involvement in social media sites.
  • A history of creative problem-solving, especially in the fields of digital technology, young leadership, and empowerment.
  • Strong networking abilities to establish relationships and promote teamwork with a variety of people, groups, and organizations.
  • A track record of successfully promoting youth.
  • Sensitivity to diversity and dedication to establishing welcoming environments to promote the views of marginalized youth groups.
  • Dedication to personal growth and lifelong study.

Applications from female applicants are strongly welcomed.

Since DOT values diversity and inclusion, it extends an invitation to all qualified applicants—regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity—to apply, including those who are disabled.

Application for DOT Global Youth Leadership Advisory Board (GYLAB) 2024

Zambia, Malawi, Côte D’Ivore, Kenya, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, and Jordan are among the eligible nations.

How to Apply

Share the following information to apply for this opportunity:

  • A letter of cover
  • Your most recent CV/resume; a three-minute video in which you introduce yourself and explain why you are the ideal candidate for the job. Explain from your own experience why it’s critical for future youth programming to have a representation of young people on advisory boards.

There are two methods that you can share the video:

You have two options: share a link to a private YouTube video or attach the video to the application email.

For more information, visit DOT GYLAB


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