Zenith Bank USSD Code


USSD is an acronym for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and it is a critical part of mobile banking services. If you are looking for an easy way to carry out your banking transactions from the comfort of your home then the Zenith Bank USSD code is for you. The Zenith Bank USSD code offers a quick, secure, and user-friendly way for customers to access their bank accounts.

Zenith Bank USSD Code

With the USSD code, customers can perform transactions, and manage their finances directly from their mobile phones without the need for an internet connection. The USSD code for Zenith Bank is *966#, and it’s available to all customers who have an account with the bank and a registered phone number linked to their account.

Here’s an in-depth analysis of the Zenith Bank USSD code, covering its features, benefits, limitations, and security aspects.

How to Activate Zenith Bank USSD Code on Phone

Activating the Zenith Bank USSD code is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Dial *966*00#: Use the phone number registered with your Zenith Bank account (Mtn, Glo, Airtel, or 9 Mobile).
  2. Enter the last 4 digits of your ATM Card Number: Retrieve the last 4 digits from your Zenith debit card.
  3. Create a New 4-digit PIN: Choose a unique PIN that you can remember. Avoid using easily guessable combinations.
  4. Confirm the New PIN: Enter the same 4-digit PIN again for confirmation.

Once completed, you’ll receive a successful message, and you’re ready to use the *966# EazyBanking service.

What Other Services Can I Access with the Zenith Bank USSD Code?

The Zenith Bank USSD code (966#) provides a range of convenient services for customers. Here are some of the key features you can access using this code:

  1. Open Zenith Bank Account: New customers can open a Zenith Bank account using the USSD code on their phone. Simply dial *966*0# to create an account.
  2. Check Account Balance: Use the USSD code to check your Zenith account balance by dialing *966*00# on your phone.
  3. Transfer Money from Zenith Bank Account: Transfer funds easily by dialing *966*Amount*Accountnumber#. You can send money to other Zenith Bank accounts or accounts in other banks.
  4. Buy Airtime Recharge from Zenith Bank for Self: Recharge your phone with airtime by dialing *966*Amount#.
  5. Buy Airtime Recharge from Zenith Bank for Others: If you want to recharge someone else’s phone, use the code *966*Amount*Mobile Number#.
  6. Activate Zenith USSD Banking: Existing customers can activate the Zenith Bank USSD code by dialing *996*00# and following the on-screen prompts. Once activated, you can start using the code for transactions.
  7. Pay Bills: You can pay bills such as DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES, PHCN, and more by dialing *966*7AmountCustomer ID#.
  8. Retrieve Zenith Bank Account Number: To retrieve your Zenith account number, dial *996*00#.

Remember that to use the *966# EazyBanking service, you need to activate it on your Zenith Bank-linked phone number (Mtn, Glo, Airtel, or 9 Mobile). Simply dial the code, follow the prompts, provide the required information, and create your PIN. It’s a convenient, fast, secure, and affordable way to access your bank account 24/7 without needing an internet connection

How do I change my PIN using the USSD code?

Changing your PIN for Zenith Bank’s USSD service is a secure process to ensure the safety of your transactions. Here’s how you can change your PIN:

  1. Dial *966*60#: From the mobile number registered with your Zenith Bank account.
  2. Select ‘Reset PIN’: Choose the option to reset your PIN when prompted.
  3. Enter Your Old PIN: You will be asked to input your current PIN.
  4. Create a New PIN: Choose a new 4-digit PIN that you can remember easily.
  5. Confirm Your New PIN: Re-enter the new PIN to confirm the change.
  6. Enter the Last 6 Digits of Your ATM Card: This step is required for additional security verification.
  7. Follow the Prompts: Complete the process as directed by the prompts on your screen.

After successfully changing your PIN, you’ll receive a confirmation message. Keep your new PIN confidential and avoid sharing it with anyone.

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, you can visit the Zenith Bank website or contact their customer service for support. Remember, it’s important to regularly update your PIN to maintain the security of your account.


Below are some of the benefits:

  • Accessibility: The USSD code works on any mobile phone, not requiring a smartphone or internet connection.
  • Convenience: Banking services are available 24/7, anywhere, making it highly convenient for customers.
  • Speed: Transactions and requests via USSD codes are completed within seconds.
  • Ease of Use: The USSD menu is straightforward, making it easy for anyone to navigate and use.
  • Security: Transactions are secure, requiring a PIN to authenticate and complete transactions.


The limitations are listed below:

  • Transaction Limits: There are daily limits on the amount of money that can be transferred or withdrawn, which might be a constraint for some users.
  • Network Dependency: The service depends on the mobile network’s availability and strength, which can affect the transaction’s success in areas with poor network coverage.
  • Limited Services: While the USSD code offers a range of services, some more complex banking operations may still require visiting a branch or using Internet banking

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Zenith Bank USSD Code?

You can register for the USSD code by following the steps below:

  • Ensure you have an account with Zenith Bank already
  • Have a mobile number registered with Zenith Bank
  • Dial *966#
  • Select the registration option
  • Enter your four-digit pin
  • Confirm the pin
  • Ensure you don’t share the pin with anyone.

What are the Security Aspects of the Zenith Bank USSD code?

Zenith Bank has implemented several security measures to ensure the safety of transactions via the USSD code:

  • PIN Authentication: Every transaction requires a PIN, which only the customer knows.
  • Encryption: Communication between the mobile device and the bank’s servers is encrypted to prevent interception.
  • Automatic Session Timeout: USSD sessions automatically time out after a short period of inactivity, reducing the risk of unauthorized access if the phone is left unattended.

Why Should I Use the Zenith Bank USSD Code?

The code *966# is good for all Zenith Bank users as it offers a powerful tool for financial inclusion, allowing customers to perform a variety of banking transactions conveniently and securely.

While it has its limitations, such as transaction limits and network dependency, the benefits of accessibility, speed, and ease of use make it an essential service for Zenith Bank customers.

The bank continues to innovate in its USSD service offering, ensuring that it meets the evolving needs of its customers while maintaining high-security standards to protect their accounts and personal information.


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