Apply Now for 776 Foundation Climate Fellowship 2024 (Up to $100,000 Grant Available)


The 776 Foundation Fellowship Program 2024 is a two-year initiative designed for young individuals who are committed to creating a better future. They are looking for young persons who are proactive problem-solvers, driven by challenges, and dedicated to crafting tangible solutions that benefit underserved communities.

 776 Foundation Climate Fellowship 2024 {up to $100,000 Grant available}
776 Foundation Climate Fellowship 2024 {up to $100,000 Grant available}

 776 Foundation Climate Fellowship 2024 {up to $100,000 Grant available}

Recognizing the urgency of addressing climate change, the 776 Foundation wants to empower early-stage problem-solvers. The Fellowship Program offers 20 exceptional individuals, aged 24 and under, the opportunity to dedicate two years to developing their groundbreaking ideas.

Fellows will benefit from a supportive community of peers and access to the extensive 776 network through Cerebro, the firm’s operating system.

However, the fellowship aims to:

  • Invest in young leaders tackling climate change: The program supports driven future leaders with the resources to immerse themselves in addressing the critical threat of climate change.
  • Scale the impact of 776: The program supports early-stage founders to foster innovation and develop impactful solutions.
  • Enrich the community with emerging talent: The Fellowship program nurtures critical thinking and creativity, shaping the next generation of founders and operators.

Benefits of the 776 Foundation Climate Fellowship 2024 program

  • Recipients get $100K for 2 years to work on climate change projects instead of a university degree.
  • Additionally, 776 Fellows will gain access to founder networks, diverse programming, and Cerebro, the venture fund’s operating system.

Eligibility for the 776 Foundation Climate Fellowship 2024

Furthermore, to qualify for this program”

  • You must be willing to discontinue university studies to dedicate yourself full-time to a project, idea, or initiative aimed at addressing the climate change crisis.
  • You must be aged 18 to 24 and can reside anywhere globally.
  • Furthermore, you must have a wide range of ideas related to climate change, including technological, social, and political solutions.

This fellowship IS NOT:

  • A paid vacation
  • A networking program; fellows are expected to actively work on their projects

How to apply

The application deadline is April 24, 2024. If you want to submit your application, click For more details, visit the 776 Foundation.

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