Which Loan App Gives 50,000 Instantly in Nigeria?


There are simple and easy-to-use loan app online that gives 50,000 instantly in Nigeria. You can get a loan of up to 50,000 Naira instantly from several online loan apps like FairMoney, RenMoney, Carbon, New Credit, Quick Credit, Aella Credit, KashKash, Sokoloan, and more. However, we will consider just a few in this post.

We will be considering some of the loan apps that offer up to 50,000 instantly stress-free in Nigeria. So, try to keep up if you need a fast loan.

Which Loan App Gives 50,000 Instantly in Nigeria?

Which Loan App Gives 50,000 Instantly in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, as in many other countries, people take out loans for various reasons. Some of the common reasons include business startups, education, healthcare expenses, personal needs, utility bills, and daily expenses.

For this reason, getting a loan of 50,000 is not hard. There are several platforms online where you can get this loan. They include:

Fair money:

One of the friendliest loan apps available in Nigeria is Fairmoney, which offers a high lending rate together with reasonable interest fees. You can borrow up to a million naira with Fairmoney and pay it back whenever it’s convenient for you no collateral or documentation is required. To make borrowing quick and easy is the goal.


Because of its high loan rate and adaptable payment schedules, RenMoney is one of the most well-liked lending platforms in Nigeria. It is practical for loans for both individuals and businesses. Renmoney permits its customers to repay up to a 6 million naira business loan over a twenty-four-month period.

Carbon loan:

Although, the carbon loan is designed to enable users to apply for personal loans to cover pressing expenses such as bills and school fees. You can get a loan of up to 50,000 Naira instantaneously. The platform was created to enable users to apply for personal loans to cover pressing expenses such as bills and school fees.

Once the loan is authorized, you can receive funds within five minutes, and decisions are made in fifteen seconds.

New Credit:

One of the coolest things about new credit is that it is simple and practical to use. Appropriate for both private and professional use. However, users are not given the option to select their repayment schemes.

Quick Credit:

On “Quick credit,” you can apply for loans up to one million naira, all with flexible payment plans and reasonable interest rates that don’t put a strain on the borrowers’ finances. Funds are normally received within five minutes after approval.

Aella Credit:

Aella’s app-only services make it simple for individuals to borrow up to $700,000 at an interest rate that ranges from 4 to 20% each month. To ease the shock of some bills, you can apply for non-collateralized loans up to N1,000,000 in amount. In fact, by making your loan payments on time, you can increase your credibility and qualify for larger loans with better terms.


Although KashKash offers interest is a little bit higher than other platforms, this is another simple loan platform in Nigeria with a high lending rate. Regardless of their level of experience, the platform’s benefit is that it gives users access to large sums of money.


Sokoloan is your greatest option if you’re looking for the greatest personal loan platform to use when you need quick money. The app’s quick and flexible loan offers are intended to satisfy Nigerians’ necessities.

10 Good Reasons Why People Frequently Seek Loans in Nigeria

Loans serve as a vital financial instrument for individuals and businesses alike. Let’s explore this common reason for taking out loans in Nigeria:

  • Business Start-up and Expansion: Many Nigerians take loans to start up new businesses or expand existing ones. Due to the challenging economic environment, loans often provide the necessary capital for entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Education:

    Loans are frequently sought for educational purposes. This can include paying for school fees, buying educational materials, or funding higher education studies.

  • Healthcare Expenses: With limited public healthcare and expensive private healthcare options, loans may be necessary to cover medical bills for treatments, surgeries, or medical emergencies.
  • Agricultural Purposes: Agriculture is a significant part of Nigeria’s economy. Farmers and agribusinesses often need loans to buy seeds, equipment, and other agricultural inputs.
  • Housing and Real Estate: Loans for housing are common, whether for purchasing, building, or renovating homes. This also includes mortgages for long-term housing finance.
  • Personal Needs: This covers a wide range of personal expenses like weddings, travel, or emergencies. Personal loans are often unsecured and based on the borrower’s ability to pay back.
  • Vehicle Financing: Loans for purchasing vehicles, either for personal use or for business (like commercial transportation), are also common.
  • Debt Consolidation: Some individuals take loans to consolidate existing debts, aiming to lower interest rates or aggregate several debts into one manageable payment.
  • Utility Bills and Daily Expenses: In times of economic hardship, some may resort to loans to cover basic daily expenses or utility bills.
  • Investment: People also take loans to invest in various financial instruments, real estate, or other ventures hoping for future returns.

Nevertheless, the availability and terms of these loans can vary widely, depending on factors like the lender, the borrower’s creditworthiness, the purpose of the loan, and prevailing economic conditions in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I borrow 100k in Nigeria?

Palm Credit offers loans without collateral have a ₦100,000 maximum and have interest rates between 14% and 24%. According to their loan repayment policy, loans must be returned between 14- and 180 days following disbursement.

Does Kuda give loans?

Yeah! Kuda offers up to ₦150,000 in loans. However, you need to read the loan application guide available on the “Help Center” or in the “Borrow” area of your Kuda app. Keep in mind that a loan offer letter outlining the terms and conditions of the loan must be accepted.

How much does OKash give the first time?

If you meet the requirements, OKash offers fast loans without collateral to registered consumers. There are loan sums available that range from NGN 3,000 to NGN 500,000. OKash provides loans seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and the application process is entirely online.

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