Bézout Labex Masters Scholarships from the University Paris-Est in France


You can submit your application for the Bézout Labex Masters Scholarships at the University Paris-Est in France for the academic year 2024-2025. The Bézout Labex, in collaboration with the SFRI Program GP-DS, is offering up to 10 scholarships to outstanding Master’s degree students who wish to pursue studies at the University Paris-Est in the “Bézout excellence program,” which integrates mathematics and computer science.

 Bézout Labex Masters Scholarships from the University Paris-Est in France

The institution offers courses in both French and English. Furthermore, after being accepted, you will be placed in a master’s program in either computer science or mathematics. To ensure interdisciplinary study, you must pass one or two courses from the other program.

Bézout Labex Masters Scholarships from the University Paris-Est in France

Upon completion of the program, top-performing students will have the opportunity to start a Ph.D. in the Bézout Labex with comprehensive support. This program equips students with valuable skills in mathematics and computer science applicable to academia or industry.

The program includes a mathematics and computer science track, focusing on the interfaces between these disciplines and taught entirely in English. This track does not require additional courses beyond the interdisciplinary curriculum. However, other tracks within the master’s programs are also available to Bézout scholars.

The program begins with an intensive French class for non-French-speaking students, followed by research-level courses throughout the year. Additionally, an initiation to the research component (3 to 4 months in a research laboratory) serves as an introduction to doctoral work before starting a thesis.

Under normal circumstances, each Bézout scholar will conduct their initiation to research in one of the laboratories of the Bézout Labex. The scholarship is open to students pursuing their Master’s programs in mathematics, computer science, and mathematics and computer science track.

Bézout Labex Masters Scholarships Benefits

  • Monthly stipend up to €1300 for 11 months.
  • Scholarship cannot be combined with other financial aid.
  • Students are responsible for university registration fees (approx. €250) and a mandatory yearly fee (approx. €100) for CVEC (contribution to student life on campus).

Eligibility for Bézout Labex Masters Scholarships

To be eligible, you must have:

  • Completed your bachelor’s degree in mathematics or computer science.
  • Passed the first year of a master’s or PhD program.
  • Women are welcome to submit applications.

Application requirements

If you are eligible, you should:

  • Apply online by the deadline of May 20, 2024.
  • Required documents include a curriculum vitae, last degree certificate, transcripts, cover letter, and copy of passport or national identity card.
  • For reference letters, the contact details of two professors must also be provided.

To start your application, click https://bezout.univ-mlv.fr/24masters/. For more information, visit the official page for the Bézout Labex Masters Scholarships.

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