12 Preparation Tips and Free Practice Tests for IELTS Examination

When preparing for International English Language Testing System you have to get yourself prepared with these 12 preparation tips and free practice tests for IELTS Examination.

12 Preparation Tips and Free Practice Tests for IELTS Examination
12 Preparation Tips and Free Practice Tests for IELTS Examination

This exam is known as one of the most common or popular English exams that are practiced by different countries around the world.

Furthermore, thousands of organizations around the world require people to learn the English Language which is known as the second language to enable people to showcase their capacity in IELTS.

12 Preparation Tips and Free Practice Tests for IELTS Examination

As a foreigner from another country who wants to travel out to any developed country, you are required to know these 12 preparation tips and free practice tests that will determine if you are qualified to be in their country or to study abroad.

Moreover, the rate at which people write IELTS is high, because of how different people are traveling to become a citizen of that country.

Students that are hoping to get admission to any school outside their country, should prepare themselves to pass the English test that will be given to them. Below are 12 preparation tips and the practice test and they are joined in one explanation.

Buy Books for IELTS

As a student who wants to study in any of the western schools, you need to purchase books that will help you pass your exams.

However, if you have finished reading any English books, you should as well practice them by giving yourself an exam that will be of great advantage to you.

If you still want to go wide in English, you can ask your friends or family that have do e that exam, to send you some of the passing questions they use in preparing for the exam.

Get a Personal Tutor

There are a lot of things you can do to make you pass your IELTS exam.

Getting a personal tutor will broaden your knowledge in English because they will save you a lot of time that you will use in struggling to have a certain book.

Furthermore, your tutor will be able to give you a practice test after the lecture you have received from him or her.

However, you can actually find your tutor online, who will be able to give you all you will need in your IELTS exam, and also you can get a physical tutor around your state that is reliable and good in what he or she does.

Know the exam format

The exam is not about your reading, but about knowing the format that is used in writing the IELTS exam.

You need to know the format that is used when writing this exam, you have to prepare yourself, try and concentrate to get the right answer to any question that will be given to you.

Make your Choice of Exam

If you want to an IELTS exam you have to prepare yourself. Some think that the IELTS exam is so easy and they do not need any preparation. You need to make research how the exam is

Furthermore, if you want to write this exam you have to choose the medium you want to use when writing the exam.

There are two versions of this exam and they are done in an examination center.

Computer System

Most people who understand the computer system can decide to use the computer to write their exam, and at times they say is very easy and Fast for them.

Writing on Papers

Some people who are not convenience by the keyboard and the computer system, make their decision of using this pattern of writing to write IELTS.

Make use of the necessary learning materials

Some people are managing their money so that they will not spend beyond their daily expenditure.

Furthermore, if you are unable to go online to watch teachings and advice from bloggers that specialize in traveling agencies who are good in the IELTS exam, just make use of those videos you have on your phone.

What you need to do is to continuously watch the videos that are available on your phone and also read books that are in your possession.

Visit some specialist blog

Several people are bloggers in our present world, this set of people most of them have traveling agencies and they are prominent in what they do.

This has made them great and capable people because of how reliable they are.

Furthermore, you have to search for bloggers that know more about the IELTS exam online, once they give a webinar on the exam, you should instantly click on it and listen carefully to what the blogger is saying.

This type of blogger you can find them on different social media platforms and most times they pit themselves as a specialist in teaching people who are about writing IELTS exams on their page blog or profile.

Take more practice test

If you want to make a good result, you need to give yourself some personal tests that will enhance you pass your exam.

Furthermore, when you are preparing for this exam, you have to be focused by driving or taking any form of distraction from your way.

If you can take this bold step, you will surely get a good result, truly every of this step you take will take away failure, and also, practice make perfect.

Moreover, the more you listen to bloggers that are into IELTS, you should equally practice so that it will suppress any pressure that you might have felt on the day of your exam

Make a reading time book

To pass the IELTS exam, you have to be determined and must have a great aim.

You need to read books that will help you discover the intellectual part of yourself.

Furthermore, building yourself in English will make you an outstanding person in society and other English countries in the world, so you should know you are not just doing it for just IELTS exam.

There are different books that you can read, if you want to get an English book, you can go to any library close to your house or go online and search for books that will be of great benefit to you.

Prepare yourself for your Exam

Before writing the IELTS exam you have to be prepared and you must learn to organize the things you will do on the day of your exam.

The truth is that, no matter how prepared you think you are if you do not manage the things around you, it can eventually lead to your downfall.

Furthermore, some people that have gone for this exam, though they are ready to write the exam and once they got to the exam center and seated down, they found out that they left some important things at home.

Just with this little mistake, they do feel discomfort and it has made several people fail this exam.

  • When going to the exam center, prepare yourself for these things.
  • Make a plan for the food you will be eating.
  • Get your ID card ready in your bag
  • Drink clean water
  • Choose a comfortable dress to wear.

Develop your English ability

It is necessary for you to develop your English language if you want to pass this exam.

There are different strategies that you can follow to improve your English in a very fast way.

Furthermore, if you are aiming to score 6 or 7 in your exam, you have to ask yourself, if you are ready to write the exam.

For you to be good at English,

  • You have to meet with friends that always speak English
  • Whenever you are on call speak the English Language
  • Search on English Language movies
  • Read the news in English
  • Search for English teachers on the internet
  • Play games in English
  • Listen to English news

Work on Difficult questions

Some difficult questions are asked on exams, it is necessary for you to meet those people who have been able to write the IELTS exam.

Ask them what was the difficult questions that got them thinking hard, and if you can get a reply, you should go online and search on how you can tackle the questions and problems.

Search on IELTS Websites

Some websites can help you prepare for the IELTS exam and you will eventually make a good result through this website that will be shown to you in this article.

Being prepared is everything that matters to anyone who wants to travel to any of the countries in the world.

Furthermore, the websites that can help you make a success are Eukely and GlobalExam

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions asked by users online about practices on IELTS exams.

Can I prepare for IELTS in 12 days?

If you want to have a good result, you should prepare yourself starting from one or two months. The longer time you use in practicing the English language, the better you are at it.  Furthermore, you can improve your skills in English by watching English news and also by reading books.

How many hours should I study for IELTS?

If you really want to have a good result you have to read good English books five times a day.

Which book is best for IELTS preparation?

Books that will be of benefit to you are.

  • Road to IELTS
  • The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS
  • Official IELTS Practice Material


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