10 Unskilled Jobs You Can do As an Immigrant


As an immigrant in a foreign land, there are 10 unskilled jobs you can do as an immigrant and there is no need for you to worry yourself all because you feel like you do not have a certificate.

10 Unskilled Jobs You Can do As an Immigrant
10 Unskilled Jobs You Can do As an Immigrant

With further explanation, there are jobs that you can do and will fetch you a good amount of money and with it, you can take care of your loved ones and other things.

10 Unskilled Jobs You Can do As an Immigrant

There are 10 unskilled jobs that you can do as an immigrant who was to make things possible for them.

Moreover, individuals do not need to have serious experience or be a professional with a certificate before enjoying this opportunity.

Farm worker

If you have good knowledge of farming, this is one of the opportunities that will help you earn money.

Moreover, farm workers do make use of different equipment heavy or light, the equipment is used to clear lands and sow seeds.

Furthermore, they take care of livestock and also plants different crops that will yield good fruit if they are pest they make use of a pesticide that drives away an insect.

Sales Representative

If you do not have any work as an immigrant in a country, it is necessary for you to search for a sales representative work.

Furthermore, sales representatives are people who sell goods and other services to their customers.

They make use of customer service skills with their ability to attend to the needs of their clients that patronize them.

As times pass by, so many people have different businesses in different parts of the country or state, all you just need to do is to apply.

However, they can work online, through phone calls or face-to-face chats with their customers, maintain sales records and work on sales trends.


If you are looking for work as an immigrant in a country, you can become a janitor.

Furthermore, a Janitor takes care of a place by cleaning offices, hospitals, churches, and schools. These are daily jobs that are done constantly and every day of our lives.

To become a Janitor, you do not need to have any certificate, but you just have to be hard working and you must be ready to satisfy the people that you are working with.

Delivery Driver

This job in the United Kingdom has helped immigrants to earn money that they will use to take care of their families, friends, and themselves.

Delivery drivers are responsible for taking goods and other products to the owners by van, truck, or car.

However, you are expected to know places around the state, and if you are not familiar with the places around you, you can make use of google Maps for directions.

Furthermore, if you know how to drive you can search for a delivery driver job, which will take away idleness from you and also will enable you to meet good people that you can take as friends.

Security guard

Security guards are a set of people that are in charge of the safety of houses, companies, schools, recreational places, and others.

Furthermore, they are placed in different places to guard and at times they move from one place to another, it depends on the people they are working for.

The goal of a security man is to ensure that there are peace and unity in the environment or organization they find themselves.

Moreover, they take logs and records of people that go into a place and also the things that are happening in the company, schools, religious gatherings, houses, and others.

Construction Laborer

Construction is a team of laborers that join together to complete a certain construction work that is given to them and in most cases, they earn $16.20 per hour.

Furthermore, construction workers team up together to make a work finished work on buildings that are not yet completed.

Moreover, they mainly use heavy machinery to carry sand, granite, and bricks, and also, they load and offload the materials they are going to use to complete a project that they have at hand.


Servers take care of the dining services of any restaurant in an excellent way.

This unskilled work has a good pay of $12.01 per hour and it has enhanced different immigrants in the western world.

Furthermore, they take orders from all customers that come into the restaurant.

After to the customers, they take the orders down to the kitchen and also to the bar attender for drinks. Servers are always available to attend to their customers.


The receptionist in any office is the first person you will see in any establishment.

Furthermore, if anyone has an appointment with the manager of the company, the receptionist needs to contact the boss before allowing anyone to go in.

The receptionist welcomes visitors and directs them to the right office they intend to be in.

They make use of the phone and are involved in sending and receiving Emails from the company.

Moreover, receptionist plays a vital role in any office, they take care of the files of the company.

And also, they remind their boss of any scheduled date for meetings.

Food Production worker

Food production workers assist cooks to prepare different types of food for a company or restaurant and also, and they do receive $13.13 per hour.

Moreover, work in different organizations like schools, hotels, hospitals, and other companies that need to cook.

They are also responsible for the storage of food and they make sure the ingredients are kept in the right place.

Transport Driver

If you are good at driving as an immigrant and you do not have work, it is necessary for you to go for this job.

With further explanation, taxi drivers take their customers with vehicles to their final destination.

Transport drivers in the western world are making good money and most of them are making up to $12.52 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions asked by users that are online concerning unskilled jobs.

What Is the best-paid unskilled job?

These are the best-unskilled jobs that you can do.

  • Construction workers
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Flight Attendant
  • Server
  • Sales Representative
  • Tax Preparer
  • Claims adjuster
  • Janitor or Cleaner

Is a teacher skilled or unskilled work?

Teachers are skilled workers that need proper training by going to school.

Skilled work includes financial technician, teaching, chef, and electrician.

Other professional skilled jobs include Doctor, Engineer, accountant, lawyer, and others.

What is an unskilled person called?

Anybody new to a particular field of study is known as a novice, tyro, or beginner.