Understanding A Swift Digital Payment Method By Using PayStack Application


PayStack Application

As a business owner, you would require an easy way to receive payments made by your customers. To achieve such, online payment channels offer a more suitable way to perform such jobs.

In this article, we would be talking about a payment platform that facilitates a seamless payment process for you and your customer. PayStack is a payment platform that allows you to receive payments from customers using several payment channels without any hassle.

Understanding PayStack Application?

PayStack is a digital payment method that makes businesses to receive online payments from their customers easily. With the use of this platform, individuals and businesses accept payments effortlessly.

Paystack happens to be a privately-owned company that was launched in 2015. The platform was open to the public in 2016. By making use of this payment platform, brands can receive payments across and beyond Africa.

Entrepreneurs are not left out for those seeking to grow their businesses. Their market audience can expand by accepting local and international payments.


Products that PayStack offers

Fundamentally, the platform mainly gives individuals and businesses an alternative gateway to receive payments online.

Payments are made through websites, payment links, online stores, or invoices. What is needed to be done before you can receive payment easily is to integrate paystack into your website either on your mobile device or on your desktop.

As a business owner, your customers can pay for your products or services offered through different means. They can make payments either with their Bank Account, Bank Transfer, Visa QR, Card, USSD, or Mobile Money.

With the use of this platform, you get free access to other services like:
1. Making instant transfers
2. Providing you with detailed reports and alerts of how your business is performing.
3. It helps you reconcile your accounts
4. Every transaction and customer data recovery
5. Verification of the identity of your customers.
To get a full list of the services this platform provides, you can visit their official website and check it out.

Registration on PayStack?

During the registration process, some information would be required of you before you proceed to create your account.
Information like: Your business name, Your residential country, your first name, last name, email address, and phone number. Kindly go through your details carefully before creating your account.

How to register on the  PayStack Application?

As a newbie to the platform, you can register on this platform through their mobile app or on the web platform.
To register on their web platform, the steps below should be followed for registration:

1. You need to visit their official web platform or get a direct link to their web platform below.
2. You would see a menu “Create Free Account”, then click on it
3. You will be required to fill in your basic details when the page loads.
4. Click on “Create My Account” when you have cross-checked the details you inputted are correct.

Registration through the mobile app

The app can be downloaded both with android and IOS devices.
Go to the App Store (iOS Users) or Play Store (Android Users) and download the app and create a free account.

Is PayStack Application Safe?

As mentioned earlier, the platform is a secure payment gateway that utilizes a token system. The token system used in the platform generates public and private keys to protect every payment that occurs on the platform.
Several sensitive security measures have been implemented by the platform to ensure that it is safe for its users.

Transaction fees on PayStack Application?

The platform charges every customer a transaction fee of 1.5% of every transaction that they do. A little token of ₦100 is deducted from local cards. Similarly, charges of 3.9% and a token of ₦100 are being deducted on international cards.
However, for any transaction carried out which is less than ₦2500, a ₦100 fee would not be charged from your account.
The platform supports cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Verve.

How to download the PayStack app?

Follow the steps below to download this app:
1. Open your Google Play Store app on your android device. You can as well Open the App Store for those who use iPhones.
2. Then search for “PayStack” on the App Store or Google Play Store.
3. You can now download and install the app to create a free account.

How to contact PayStack?

For those who may have queries or complaints, you can contact PayStack with the following medium below:

You can visit their office at #126 Joel Ogunnaike Street, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

You can also phone their customer support: +234 163 16160

Complaints can be mailed to their email address: hello@paystack.com

Visit their website: www.paystack.com

Conclusively, PayStack is mainly an online payment medium that gives businesses the access to accept payments digitally.