Loan Applications that Offers Over 100k in Nigeria

Loan Applications in Nigeria

There are a lot of loan apps in Nigeria that perform well today by offering small-medium loans for clients who need them. Still, for some time, people who require loans above 100k have found it tough to get their required loan.

This is ultimate because some loan applications available no longer offers loans of up to that amount anymore. If you are such an individual, this article would help you stop your search as we would discuss some loan applications which can provide you with over 100k here in Nigeria.

Loan Application that Offers Over 100k At A Request

The trusted and confirmed applications that would offer you more than a 100k in Nigeria are:

1. Carbon (formerly known as Pay later):

This financial lending platform is a fast loan service available to you with the use of your mobile phone. They have 2 product packages available for all income earners only, and another package for other individuals. Additionally, you can make use of the app to pay all your bills at once like airtime and your electricity bills, all in the comfort of your home.

2. Aella Credit Loans:

Aella financial lending platform application makes it simpler for individuals looking for access to quick cash. Moreover, this application also focuses on personnel with a steady income. Aella Credit is affiliated with diverse credit bureaus available in Nigeria. That is because they employ an algorithm to determine your creditworthiness before approving your loans.

3. KiaKia Loans:

Short easy and fast, so it’s implied by its name “kiakia”, which denotes “fast” in the Yoruba language. This financial loan app offers individuals loans of up to N200,000 with variable interest rates relying on the nature of the loan. Additionally, the duration of the loan is within 7 to 30 days.

Loan Applications in Nigeria

4. Branch Loans:

This digital lender application gives you a loan without requesting collateral. In truth, all you need to do is to sign in on their platform by providing basic information. After your registration is complete, you may borrow as little as N1,000 or a higher amount of N 200,000 with substantial interest.

5. Xcredit: 

Even though it’s no longer a very famous loan app, it is still one of the top loan apps in Nigeria that has prepared an awesome loan package for its customers.

Presently, they offer a minimum loan of N2,000 and the highest amount of N500,000. Additionally, their loan plan spreads around 5 months and no collateral is needed. You will be asked to fill in your banking information for further checks.

6. 9ja cash Loans:

With a little similarity to xcredit, 9ja cash is a financial lending platform that isn’t widely recognized but works virtually properly. Applicants are allowed to borrow up to N300,000 for a range of 180 days. Nevertheless, their interest charge is quite huge as it ranges between 1%-34%.

Quite a few loan applications that offer such loans at once include Sokoloans, Palmcredit, 9credit, etc. But then we couldn’t add them up to our list of financial lending platforms, as most of them only offer a maximum loan of 100K.

We would presume there would be changes on such applications later in the future, but it is worthy to note that they are dependable and reliable loan applications.

In order to make a detailed and knowledgeable decision before choosing a loan app, make use of the loan evaluations from the different applications listed above.

It allows you to compare the pros and cons of the distinctive app product services. This guarantees that as a lot as feasible, you’re deciding on an offer that works well for you.

How To Apply For Loans?

The process to carry out an application for a loan is easy and applicable to all the loan applications listed in this article.

  • Start by downloading their official app on the play store or App store.
  • Install the app and get registered.
  • Upon successful registration, you are allowed to apply for a loan.
  • Be aware that each loan application has a maximum amount new users would be eligible to borrow but
  • increases as you repay back as at when due.

Finally, The reputation and usage of loan apps are hastily growing, with many residents realizing how easy it is to get a loan. Moreover, you can be assured that all the apps listed here in this article are reliable and trusted. All you have to do is to download the app and sign in to be a partaker of their loan profits.


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