First Bank Asset Management – How to Track Your Investment with First Bank


First Bank Asset Management is a premier financial service that offers individuals and businesses strategic investment solutions to grow and preserve their wealth. With a focus on personalized service, expert advice, and diverse investment options, First Bank Asset Management empowers clients to achieve their financial goals and secure their financial future. In this detailed article, we delve into the intricacies of First Bank Asset Management, exploring its features, benefits, and how it can help clients build a solid foundation for financial success.

First Bank Asset Management

First Bank Asset Management

First Bank Asset Management is a division of First Bank of Nigeria dedicated to providing comprehensive wealth management services to clients. It offers a range of investment products and services tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of individuals, families, institutions, and corporations.

The Role of Asset Management

Asset management involves the strategic management of assets (such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and other investments) to optimize returns while mitigating risks. The primary goal is to grow and preserve wealth over the long term through prudent investment strategies and disciplined portfolio management.

How to Invest in Mutual Funds Through First Bank Asset Management

Investing in mutual funds through First Bank Asset Management is a straightforward process that allows individuals to participate in professionally managed investment portfolios. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to invest in mutual funds through First Bank Asset Management:

  • Research Available Mutual Funds
  • Open an Investment Account
  • Determine Your Investment Strategy
  • Select Mutual Funds
  • Complete Investment Application
  • Fund Your Investment
  • Monitor Your Investments
  • Review and Rebalance

By following these steps, you can invest in mutual funds through First Bank Asset Management. You can also take advantage of professionally managed investment portfolios to grow your wealth over time. Remember to conduct thorough research, assess your investment goals and risk tolerance, and monitor your investments regularly to ensure that they remain on track with your financial objectives.

How to Track Your Investment with First Bank

Tracking your investments with First Bank can be done conveniently through various channels. These channels provide you with access to real-time information about your investment portfolio’s performance and status. Here’s how you can track your investments with First Bank:

  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking App
  • Account Statements
  • Personalized Reports and Updates
  • Customer Service Support

By utilizing these channels and resources provided by First Bank, you can effectively track your investments and stay informed about your portfolio’s performance. This will enable you to make informed decisions and manage your investments with confidence. Whether you prefer online banking, mobile banking, account statements, personalized reports, or customer service support, First Bank offers a range of options to meet your investment tracking needs.

Comprehensive Investment Solutions

First Bank Asset Management offers a diverse array of investment solutions to suit different risk tolerances, investment horizons, and financial objectives:

Mutual Funds

First Bank offers a selection of mutual funds managed by seasoned investment professionals. They provide clients with access to a diversified portfolio of securities across various asset classes.

Portfolio Management

Clients can opt for personalized portfolio management services, where experienced investment managers design and manage customized investment portfolios tailored to their specific goals, risk profiles, and time horizons.

Retirement Planning

First Bank Asset Management helps clients plan for retirement. They offer retirement savings accounts, pension fund management services, and retirement planning advice to ensure a secure and comfortable retirement.

Wealth Preservation

With a focus on wealth preservation, First Bank Asset Management helps clients protect their assets from erosion due to inflation, market volatility, and other risks through prudent investment strategies and asset allocation.


First Bank Asset Management is a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking to build and preserve wealth through strategic investment solutions. With its comprehensive investment offerings, personalized service, expert advice, and commitment to risk management, First Bank Asset Management empowers clients to achieve their financial goals and navigate the complexities of the financial markets with confidence. Whether planning for retirement, building a diversified investment portfolio, or preserving wealth for future generations, clients can rely on First Bank Asset Management to provide sound investment strategies and exceptional service to help them realize their financial aspirations.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a bank’s asset management policy?

Running a wealth portfolio daily is known as asset management. An investment manager often oversees it. Managing assets entails assembling an investment portfolio. This entails evaluating risks, identifying opportunities, and creating a comprehensive plan to meet a range of financial goals.

What does asset management entail?

An asset manager manages assets on behalf of their customer, helps to expand client’s portfolio by making important investment choices. They guarantee that there is little chance of loss and that the client’s money does not diminish.

In asset management, how do you generate revenue?

One percent of the total amount invested is the normal charge for asset managers. Performance fees, which resemble bonuses, are another way that certain asset management funds generate revenue. Performance fees are designed to provide asset managers with a bonus distribution upon reaching a certain threshold for fund growth.