Easy Access To Cash Anytime With KashKash Loans


KashKash Loans

In case you need that extra cash to help you to solve your on-the-spot needs, there’s a way you can get it in a few minutes. KashKash is among one of Nigeria’s distinguished financial lending platforms that provides you with immediate loans without collateral.

This reduces the pressure of visiting your traditional banks to get loans. With this platform, you can get a quick loan from the comfort of your home.

About KashKash

Kashkash is one among numerous Nigeria’s leading loan providers that provide quick loans to Nigerians. This loan platform offers individuals instantaneous loans with no collateral at all. This keeps you away from the stress of going to the bank to get any loan.

Basically, the aim of this platform is to provide simple, speedy, and reliable methods for all Nigerians to get immediate loans without any collateral or documentation.

Advantages Of KashKash Loan App?

Right here are a number of the remarkable benefits of this loan platform:
1. There are zero hidden fees.

2. You can borrow up to N200,000.

3. This platform is easy, and reliable, in addition, it’s flexible.

4. You may pick out your payment tenure.

5. This platform is on the go for 24 hours, each day of the week.

KashKash LoansKashKash Loans

Requirements To Get A Loan?

Basically, before receiving financial assistance from this platform, you will have to fulfill its eligibility requirement. These requirements involve:
1.  The applicant must be a citizen of Nigeria.

2. Importantly, you must be within the age range of 22 – 55 years.

3. You need to have a strong revenue of profits

How Can I Borrow A Loan From KashKash?

Here’s the way to borrow from this finance lending platform:
1. Download the KashKash loan app on Google Store or App Store.

2. Next, create your account by filling out basic details and submitting it after you are finished.

3. Thereafter, check your profile to be sure if your profile has been verified.

4. If your profile has been verified, you may receive your loan directly into your bank account in much less than 10 mins.

How To Download The KashKash App?

To get this loan app, observe these steps:

1. Pick your android device and visit Google Play. In case you use an iOS device, open the App Store.

2. Search for the word “KashKash” inside the search bar.

3. Download and install the loan app and sign in to borrow cash.

How Much Can I Borrow?

You can borrow as low as N3,000 and as high as N50,000 from the KashKash loan app. The lending period can go as far as 91 days to 365 days.

Interest Rates Offers On KashKash?

On this loan app, there is a minimum of 0.1% as much as a 1% interest fee. Additionally, their initial price fee is from NGN 1,174 to NGN 6,000 for only a one-time fee and annual interest fees of 36.5%- 300%. This loan platform calculates your interest rate day by day.

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Failure To Repay My Loan As At When Due?

If you don’t repay your loans in time, you may be not able to obtain any other loan on the platform. Additionally, owing influences your credit score rating, and the interest rate increases day by day. As a result, the amount you are owing will continue increasing until you pay it.

KashKash Customer Support?

You could reach KashKash through these methods:

Visit their office: Address: Room 301, Jopebi avenue No. 62, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Send a mail to them at: assist@kashkash.ng

Dial their customer service: 09087614169, 09087614170

Finally, with the above information, we can see that KashKash is a professional loan platform that is able to give you your immediate loans without collateral.

Also, there’s no stress to go through before obtaining the loan, not like conventional financial institution loans. Nevertheless, make do pay back your loan in due time to avoid going into debt.