12 Things you Should Never say in a Job Interview


Before going for an interview, you must be ready to welcome any type of questions. There are 12 things you should never say in a Job interview if you want to have that specific job and also you have to be bold to answer any questions from them showing your professionality and also making them see that you are capable of handling that particular job position.

12 Things you Should Never say in a Job Interview
12 Things you Should Never say in a Job Interview

Furthermore, there are so many people going for a job interview but are not ready to reciprocate what they can offer to the company they want to work with, it is necessary for you to give out the best knowledge and information that will help figure out strong interest of the company because of your capability you displayed to them.

12 Things you Should Never say in a Job Interview

Seeing the rate at which graduates are all roaming around in some country us because they find it difficult to show the world what they can do and with this article you know 12 things you should never say in a job interview.

One of the basic things that made so many people unemployed is because lack of confidence, not being able to speak properly and in most cases, the way they communicate with the directors hosting the interview is very poor.

Furthermore, you need to talk about your skills acquisition instead of you being quiet and having nothing to say. Talk about experiences you have from other places you have worked and when doing this you can talk about the award given to you by those companies you have worked for.

12 things you should not say in an Interview

Getting things done means you are ready to stand for anything coming your way. Below are 12 things to avoid in an interview

Unnecessary Information

When going for an interview, you must be able to control yourself and make sure you do not talk out of the box. With further explanation, if you are been asked a question concerning a particular topic, it is very important to go straight to the point and give out what you have and understand about that topic.

Moreover, you do not have to talk about your achievement when you are asked a different question entirely and you do not have to be pointless in the things you say in an interview.

However, one of the unnecessary information people gives are places they have been to, and also when you keep on doing these things, you are showing your incompetent attitude towards work. They will say you are full of pride and not having the capability of responding to questions thrown at you.

Missing Languages Together

This is another problem that people who go for interview has. If for example, you are called for an interview in Canada and you decide to go for the job interview, you need to maintain one particular language and if you decide to speak French, you have to maintain it throughout the interview.

With further explanation, you do not have to miss English and French when speaking to the director who is taking care of those people coming for an interview.

Free Time for outings and vacation

The interviewer sees anyone who comes for an interview requesting free days and time for going on a vacation. Some people love going out, and in most cases, they place every festive period as their time to go out with friends and family. Furthermore, when you are in an interview, you do not need to ask about time for a vacation because you can lose the job with just this statement from you.

Always Correct

If you are called for a job interview, you need to listen carefully to what the interviewer is saying. Getting to a new place or company simply means that you need to understand the environment.

Furthermore, if you are talking to the interviewer, avoid making this statement that you are always correct in anything you do and if they observe this in you, they will surely think that you are going to be difficult to control because of the pride they see in you.

However, you need to get hold of yourself so that you will be able to get the job you requested for.

Building my Company

When you are asked a question, you need to control yourself in all you say. Furthermore, avoid talking about building your own company or a business that you already have, and also you want to help raise funds for your own business.

With those words, the interviewer will see you as someone who will not be of great use to them, and through this process, you will not be given the job.

Looking Tense

As a graduate or an individual that has been able to miss up with a different set of people in society and you must be prepared to receive any words from the interviewer and must reciprocate steadfastly. You do not need to say I am tense or scared to say anything, it is important to be well settled and put yourself to get prepared for the job you are seeking.

What the Fuck

There are some words you are not allowed to say while an interview and words like ‘‘what the fuck’’ ‘’what the hell’’ crazy things and so many of them.

Keep your negative words behind before going for an interview and you must be positive in what you say by using the right words to reply to the interviewer and other people around.

However, some companies put some secret security who pretend to be among those set of people for the job interview to look into the characters of those set of persons that comes for the job interview, knowing how they communicate with people around them. Through this medium, the company will also know who is pretending and also reliable to get the job.

Not Experience

This type of speech comes out from the mouth of a new graduate who is looking for a job to have. It is very important to read more about having a job and once you are in an interview, if they ask you to tell them your experience on any job you have done, you do not need to say ‘’not experience’’ because they want to give the job out to capable hands.

With further explanation, tell them your qualification and let them know about what you can hard for their company and also you can make an illustration or practical work concerning that job you want to have.

Hate speeches and your last fight

Some so many people always talk about those that offended them in an interview especially are being asked about their relationship with their former co-workers.

If you decide to talk about the last quarrel and fight you had with somebody from your previous working place, they will see you as an incompetent person and not reliable.

Lateness as your weakness

If you want to have a job, you need to talk positive words about yourself so that you will be given the job you wish to have.

Once the discussion between you and the interviewer is getting interesting, you do not have to go off track talking about your flaws by letting them know that you go to work late because of one reason or another other.

Moreover, you need to keep some things that will make you lose a job, just be focused and work hard to be productive in your speech, and also, you can give them the impression of your capability.

It is Included in my Resume

When you are asked a question about your qualification or any other things, you do not have to be hard going.

What you need to do is to give them the answer they want to hear and be conscious of what you say by giving out the accurate answer that you have displayed in your resume.

No questions to ask

After a successful interview, the directors in charge of giving out jobs would always expect you to reciprocate by asking them questions.

When you ask a particular question, they see that you are ready to work with them and you will be of great benefit if they employ you because of the knowledge and the listening spirit you have.

Furthermore, if you go for a job interview and you are confused, what you need to do is to ask questions so that you can get things right with yourself and you can offer the job you write for.

Do not stay in the dark all because you want to show off that you can do it without the help of the interviewer and also show them how competent you are wanting to know more about the company rules and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions collected online that are thrown from users online who are ready to go for an interview.

This set of people wants to have knowledge that enhances to have the job they desired to have. These are the answer to the questions below.

What can ruin a job interview?

These are 8 things that ruin any job interview.

  • Looking unkept
  • Not being punctual
  • Wrong English language
  • Inability to communicate
  • Bad speech
  • Bad comment about your former boss
  • Answering calls while on an Interview test
  • Talking about your achievement

What are 6 mistakes that can be made during an interview?

Six mistakes that you need to neglect.

  • Faking answers
  • Not being focused
  • Showing no interest in answering the company question
  • Being careless
  • Bad sitting position
  • Too much talking

Is it okay to drink water during an interview?

When going for an interview you should get yourself ready and make sure you eat and drink enough water before going for the job interview.

You do not have to leave the place of the interview to get water from outside because once they request for you and you are not found, there is every possibility for you to lose the job.

Furthermore, if you are offered water to drink, you can receive the water to satisfy your taste.