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Loves Express Credit Card login

The love Express credit card is issued by Loves Financial. It is a card that provides card discounts to ensure stable and competitive prices.

With the card:

No fee is charged for any application or transaction.

There is no cost on accounting maintenance services.

The price of fuel cash is in line with competitive prices.

You can Use Love’s Express billing for in-store goods and services.

Loves Express Credit Card

If you are interested in having a card that helps reduce the possibility of fraud by giving you access to view your account anytime, I would recommend you get The  Love’s Express Credit Card. You are in control of what you purchase.

Loves Financial is the company behind the issuance of Love’s express credit card. The card gives cardholders fuel discounts. Cardholders do get competitive transaction fees, which you can use to reduce your overall cost per mile.

Benefits of Loves Express Credit Card

  • Love express credit card provides custom management reports by fax or email.
  • There is consistent and competitive pricing with no transaction fees.
  • Cardholders can easily track fueling stops at any time through the loves connect portal.
  • The Radio Frequency Identification is connected to Loves Express Credit Card to make it easy to eliminate fuel theft.
  • The Card can be used for love’s emergency roadside services.
  • As a user, you can control what is purchased with your card.

Loves Credit Card Features

It simplifies the acquisition and reconciliation process and also offers personal fax management or e-mail reports

  • It provides competitive prices without transaction costs. This way, you can reduce the total cost per mile
  • Thanks to the portal, you can track fueling stops at any time
  • This card can be used in the emergency service as part of the care for Love vehicles, Truck Care, Tire Care, and employees.
  • It minimizes the possibility of fraud and prevents surprises at the end of the cycle, so you can view your accounts at any time. You can determine what is bought, and who pays.

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How To Apply For The Love’s Express credit card

Loves Express Credit Card Application | How can I get a Loves fuel card?

To get started, you can contact 1-844-417-2300 or email

To request and receive the approval of the card, the candidate must do the following;

  • Scroll to the Financial applications page
  • Click Choose a card
  • Enter the following data: Physical address, city, state, postal address, zip code, telephone number, fax number, phone number, company, and sales tax.
  • Exemption from sales tax (if yes, add a tax receipt and a description)
  • Provide all necessary tax details and Company structure detail
  • Touch the “Next” page to complete the first phase of the application.

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Activate The card

To activate the newly purchased card, call 1 (800) OK-LOVES (655-6837)

Loves Express Credit Card login

Follow these steps to access your credit card account;

  • Go to the login page
  • Choose a business/fleet or professional driver
  • Next, you have to file in your username and password
  • Then press the enter key.
  • For additional questions, you can contact customer service.


  • Enter the username and password
  • Click on “Log in”

Professional driver

  • Enter your e-mail address and password
  • Tap “Login”.

How To Recover Your Username/Password

  • On the login page
  • Click on the “Forgot your username and/or password” link.


  • Enter your Username
  • Tap on the “Submit” link.


  • Type in your Email address
  • Tap on the “Send” link.

Loves Express Credit Card Customer Service Number
Call: 1 (800) OK-LOVES (655-6837) for customer service access.